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Rudy’s Chicken 2-2-2-2

The new building will be twice the size of the existing facility and will feature two drive-thoughs in addition to the walkup window. The building was designed by Calvert & Company, Architects, and will be built by Bethel Construction.

Acting as master of ceremonies for the event, Councilmember Dwaine Caraway, who represents the area, recalled all the work that has gone into making the project come to fruition.

“Redevelopment projects like this are not easy to do,” he explained. “First, you have to find a developer who understands the neighborhood. Assembling the land is not an easy process with multiple owners and interests. Financing is always a challenge, too, but Mr. Edwards was willing to make a substantial investment in addition to some development grants and expense reimbursements from various agencies that were brought together. I think we’ve been working on this project for more than three years so I’m excited to see it happen.”

Some of the redevelopment funds came from the City’s 2006 bond issue along with a small grant from the City of Dallas. A land swap between City Wide CDC and the Edwards family allowed the restaurant to move north one block with the new retail/office building occupying Rudy’s current location. The almost two-acre site will have a developed value of $3.4 million upon completion.

“We will develop Lancaster Kiest Village in four phrases,” explained City Wide CDC President Sherman Roberts. “Rudy’s new building should be completed late this year. Then, we’ll start on the commercial structure and that should be finished next year. We’re still in the process of finding financing for the housing component.”

The third phase of Lancaster Kiest Village is Serenity Place, offering housing and supportive services for homeless women with or without children. Two-and three-story courtyard and carriage way apartment clusters are organized around a central pocket park and children’s playground with a small urban parking lane. Supportive services, educational and entertainment programming will be offered from a resident clubhouse with a community kitchen. The final phase of Lancaster-Kiest Village will include the construction of 28 to 32 units of live/work, condo-style homes.

With a track record of successful development, construction and management of a wide variety of properties – single family, mixed use and apartments – City Wide CDC has established an excellent reputation among governmental agencies, financing sources and not-for-profit foundations active in the affordable housing and neighborhood redevelopment areas. City Wide has multiple projects along Lancaster Road that began with the mixed use, transient-oriented development now under construction across from the VA Medical Center called Lancaster Urban Village which will be completed in early 2014.


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